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PT Broadband Network System is a holding company, established in Jakarta, Indonesia, which consists of several IT companies with 13 years of experiences as Network System Integrator, Turn-key solution Provider, Broadband ISP, IP based Multimedia Operator, Fiber & VSAT links Provider & Operator (together with a licensed microwave Batam-Singapore link) as well as IP Phone Operator.

We work hard in connecting you to high-end technology that allows you to reach your objectives. It includes low cost solutions in line with the quality of the service obtained.

Given the experience that technology could be very beneficial to enhance any company to give more superior output for the targeted market. You will be offered a total telecommunication solution, by means of good quality and yet cost effective.

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Speed Internet Digital

Global Telecom Utama

ID Net


Telecommunication Provider
Internet Service Provider
Content Provider
Data Center

Oil & Gas Company
Finance & Leasing
Banking & Insurance
Manufacturing Company
Distribution Company



Broadband Internet Access
VoIP - IP VideoPhone
Virtual Private Network

Broadband Network System
Graha BNS, Jalan Talang Betutu No. 17
Jakarta 10230 Indonesia
Tel: +62 21 391 3388 <> Fax: +62 21 391 0428